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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008, 06:42

US talks to Iran to legitimize attack


Recent talks the United States held with Iran are aimed at creating legitimacy for a potential attack against Iranian nuclear facilities, defense officials speculated on Sunday as Defense Minister Ehud Barak headed to Washington for talks with senior administration officials.

Barak will travel to Washington and New York and will hold talks with his counterpart Robert Gates, Vice President Dick Cheney, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Admiral Michael Mullen, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley.

Officials said it was likely that President George W. Bush would join the meeting between Barak and Hadley. On Wednesday, Barak will fly to New York for a brief meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Ban-Ki Moon.

Barak's departure to the US came as IDF Chief of General Staff Lt.-Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi returned to Israel on Sunday from a week-long visit to the US as Mullen's guest. Ashkenazi held talks with Cheney, Hadley and other senior officials with a focus on the Iranian nuclear program.

"There is a lot of strategic thinking concerning Iran going on right now but no one has yet to make a decision what to do," said a top IDF officer, involved in the dialogue between Israel and the US. "We are still far away from the point where military officers are poring over maps together planning an operation."

In recent weeks, Mullen has said publicly that he is opposed to military action against Iran which would open a "third front" for the US military which is currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Barak's talks in the US come a little over a week after the Bush administration sent its number three diplomat to Geneva to participate in European Union talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

The move led to reports that the US was changing its isolation tactic vis-à-vis Iran but Israeli defense officials speculated Sunday that the move was really a ploy to buy international support in the event that Bush decides to attack Iran in his last months in office.

"This way they will be able to say they tried everything," one official speculated. "This increases America's chances of gaining more public support domestically as well as the support of European nations which are today opposed to military action."

Diplomatic officials have speculated that the Iran-US talks were also connected to the presidential elections.

According to the IDF officer, the frequent meetings between Israel and the US in recent weeks - Mullen was in Israel in June - is a sign of the strong ties between the two countries as well as the mutual interest both take in different regional issues such as Iran, Hizbullah, Hamas and Syria.


Nur die Lüge braucht die Stütze der Staatsgewalt, die Wahrheit steht von alleine aufrecht.
Freiheit ist nicht, das tun zu können, was man möchte, sondern das nicht tun zu müssen, was man nicht will.

Die Werbung ist nur für Gäste sichtbar!

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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008, 06:46

If Iran is Attacking It Might Really be Israel


The Benny Morris op-ed in the NYT last Friday should provide convincing evidence that Israel really really really wants an attack against Iran sooner rather than later. Morris is close to the Israeli government and his case that Iran must be bombed soon and with maximum conventional weaponry to avoid using nukes later was clearly intended to push the United States to do the attacking. The likelihood that Dick Cheney is almost certainly supportive of a US pre-emptive strike and might well be pulling strings behind the scenes, possibly without the knowledge of the Great Decider, makes the next several months particularly significant if a war is to be avoided.

Some intel types are beginning to express concerns that the Israelis might do something completely crazy to get the US involved. There are a number of possible “false flag” scenarios in which the Israelis could insert a commando team in the Persian Gulf or use some of their people inside Iraq to stage an incident that they will make to look Iranian, either by employing Iranian weapons or by leaving a communications footprint that points to Tehran’s involvement.

Those who argue that Israel would never do such a thing should think again. Israel is willing to behave with complete ruthlessness towards the US if they feel that the stakes are high enough, witness the attack on the USS Liberty and the bombing of the US Consulate in Alexandria in the 1950s. If they now believe that Iran is a threat that must be eliminated it is not implausible to assume that they will stop at nothing to get the the United States to do it for them, particularly as their air force is only able to damage the Iranian nuclear program, not destroy it.


Nur die Lüge braucht die Stütze der Staatsgewalt, die Wahrheit steht von alleine aufrecht.
Freiheit ist nicht, das tun zu können, was man möchte, sondern das nicht tun zu müssen, was man nicht will.


Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008, 08:36

Haben wir jetzt einen Englischkurs im Forum ?


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Mittwoch, 30. Juli 2008, 09:43

Caddy, die besseren Informationen sind jene, die gar nicht für uns geschrieben werden.

Das mag auch daran liegen, warum wir selten bis nie einer Meinung sein können.

Hier der Google-Übersetzer - den auch ich gelegentlich verwende. Es ist keine Schande eine Fremdsprache nicht so gut zu beherrschen wie die Muttersprache.

Ganz kurz es geht darum:

Israel will unbedingt den Iran angreifen und muss sich um Unterstützung der US-Verbrecher bemühen. Darum wird vermutet, dass ein israelisches Kommandoteam einen Vorfall inszenieren könnte, der alle Spuren auf eine iranische Urheberschaft legen wird.

Israel ist ein Bedrohung für die Welt. Es gab schon mehrere Aggressionshandlungen von dort.

Die Werbung ist nur für Gäste sichtbar!

JonDonym anonymous proxy servers


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